Hope Nomonde Nthabii Ditlhakanyane

Hope Nomonde Nthabii Ditlhakanyane, 24
Position: Venture partner
Organisation: MEST Africa
Category: Business, Enterprise & Tourism

Mail & Guardian #MG200Young announced their Top 200 Young South Africans list. They receive over 8000 nominations and shortlist them for each category. We are proud to announce that Hope Nomonde Nthabii Ditlhakanyane, a member of the Association of Allan Gray Fellows was featured!

Hope Ditlhakanyane says she feels strongly about changing the injustices faced by women, both in the workplace and entrepreneurship space. The 24-year-old is a Venture Partner at Mest Africa.

Ditlhakanyane says although she sees plenty of talent in her field of private equity and venture capital, there just aren’t enough opportunities available. She feels strongly about changing this, especially for women. More than that Ditlhakanyane believes that, through her experiences, she is uniquely positioned to provide a solution — this is something she is truly passionate about.

“My greatest passion is where business and empowerment of women intersect,” Ditlhakanyane says. One of the major problems she has identified is that women remain underrepresented in various leadership roles within business and greater society.

Therefore, when she was accepted for the role as a venture partner for one of the largest Pan-African organisations training and funding tech entrepreneurs, this was a moment of pride. It didn’t mean a lot only to her, but for what she could achieve for others from her platform.

Ditlhakanyane has launched a successful women-empowerment platform, called Superwoman Hub, which has been crucial in ensuring she has a leading role in driving gender equity and the democratisation of investment opportunities for women in South Africa and the rest of Africa. The platform is active on YouTube and LinkedIn.

Even though Ditlhakanyane has achieved so much already, she knows all too well that it’s easier to become overwhelmed with the many issues facing the world. Her advice to herself and others is to “start small while thinking big”. She says that it was important for her to write a new narrative of what she wanted to achieve and then go out and do it.

Source: https://200youngsouthafricans.co.za/hope-ditlhakanyane-24-2020/

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