Ideas Market Speaker Announcement: Callum Tilbury

I am an aspiring engineer, creative, entrepreneur, leader, and friend. With passions in both design and mathematics, I find myself happily studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Cape Town.

I firmly believe that engineering is as much of a social science as it is a physical science. Often, traditional scientists and engineers try to silo themselves away from the nuanced, deeply complex, and messy world of “people”. It is certainly simpler to focus solely on equations—things that can have defined answers and neat solutions, but I believe that misses the point: engineering and “people” are inextricably linked.

I am passionate about embracing a multi-disciplinary approach to 21st-century problems, understanding both the highly technical and tricky social aspects of emerging technologies. As I study, this entails thinking deeper about problems, focusing not only on how much money can be made or how flashy a new gadget is, but also how these things affect society. In this process, I hope not to walk alone; instead, looking forwards, I hope to work with a range of people towards the common goal of a better life for all. I have much to learn, and that’s okay—it’s a journey!
You can check out my website at, or pop me an email at

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