Pitching Competition



Ideas Market


A collaborative space to share ideas and showcase your talents.

The Ideas Market is a space where you can share the ideas, initiatives, dreams and projects you are working on. This is a safe, collaborative, open space where you can receive feedback from the community to build on and better your ideas.

Open to all Participants who want to share their story with the Foundation community, this is your opportunity to showcase and get involved with some of the amazing initiatives and ideas that are being born within the community.

Sign up to host a session

If you wish to change a policy, write a book, start a dance group, make a short film, or test a thought experiment, this is the space for you!

Or, if your story is still being written, support your fellow Participants by stopping by to listen, watch and connect with them in their session.

Closing dates for sign up’s are 4 September.
*You will be hosting a live session so strong Wi-Fi and a laptop is a necessity.


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