Jam with AGEC and stand a chance to win a PlayStation 4!

This is a group challenge for three (one Scholar, one Candidate Fellow, and one Fellow are needed in each group). Each person in the winning group will receive a Sony PlayStation 4 (three PlayStations in total). All you have to do is form a unique group (members of one group cannot be part of any other group), have short conversations, and post your stories in an online blog on the Enterprising Peoples’ Gaming Network, then wait for the reactions to come in.

Here’s how you can participate in the challenge.

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Candidate Fellows
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Registration takes less than 5 minutes. Set your password and verify your email address (it is best to utilize a Gmail account but any email ID can work).

Download from

Download from

Login on the mobile app or on your browser here.

1. Click on My Profile – View Profile

2. Tell us a bit about yourself (what you’re studying, have studied, or want to study) and some of your qualifications.

3. Upload a few pictures of yourself (it is a social media platform)!

4. Select an entrepreneurial journey that you are on (there are more than 6 journeys you can choose from).

5. Complete any other profile pieces that you want to stand out on your profile (this part is super fun)!

1. This is a blogpost group competition.

2. The more connections you have online (other Scholars, Fellows and Candidate Fellows, the more reactions your blogposts (and your teams) will get.

1. Search for AFRIJAM under Spaces (an online group) and click “Join Group”.

2. Scroll through the posts in the group to identify people looking for partners and/or create your own post telling others in the group who you are looking for (each group of three needs to have one Fellow, one Candidate Fellow and one Scholar in it, so if you’re a Candidate Fellow, for example, you should be looking to partner with a Fellow and a Scholar to complete your group).

3. Give your group a unique snazzy name!

4. Once you have found two other participants willing to partner with you and form a group, share contact details amongst each other to begin the interviews for your pieces. You may also want to create your own private group on Spaces for communications.

1. This can be a WhatsApp call, Skype call, Teams call or any other telecon in which the three group members meet to chat.

2. There are three conversations that need to be captured in this call.

By now the group would have 3 blogposts on the Gaming Network – one on each of their timelines. Make sure there is at least half a day left for reactions (likes/hearts/thumbs-ups) to start flowing in on the posts. The posts with the highest number of collective reactions wins this challenge and each of the three group members receive PS4s (Scholar, Candidate Fellow AND Fellow).
The Candidate Fellow in the Group (specifically this member) must take screenshots of all 3 blogposts (number of reactions clearly visible) and email these in a single email to info@entrepreneurshipchallenge.co.za (CC the other two members and include names and contact details of the group members in case you win) – before 10am on Saturday 16th October. The group with the highest number of total reactions (adding up reactions on each of the 3 blogposts) wins the prizes.

This is an example of a blogpost!

Posts and wording can vary (min 300 words per post).

“Shout out to my newly found connections, #NameA (Scholar) and #NameB (Candidate Fellow) Had an insightful conversation with them yesterday when we formed the group (Team GameChangers!) and really hoping I do justice to the narrative that emerged therein. I got to interview Partner A (Scholar in our group) whilst they were visualizing their future self 10 to 15 years from now. Here’s how they described this future vision…

I thought their plans for the future, including their alternative career plan, were ambitious, interesting and exciting! I, myself, am highly entrepreneurial and feel strongly about the need for this kind of work and to grow in SA, so I walked away feeling inspired by NameA’s vision and thoroughly enjoyed the interview. Though from my side, I sense that with this kind of ambition combined with a qualification of that type, there are so many other paths that could be explored – I almost got the sense that the world would be their oyster in a way someday whilst listening to their narrative.

Thank you to #PartnerA and #PartnerB for sharing so much info with me today. For the rest of this story, make sure to check out the posts on their timeline too!

When reacting to other posts online

Your reaction to each post is essentially a vote-up. So think about the following when reading posts, before you react.

1. Is the post engaging, or relatable for you in any way?
2. Is the writing strong styled in a fun or humourous or inspiring manner?

In other words, simply pay attention to WHAT is written (the actual story) as well as HOW it has been written. Your reactions are all up to you at your discretion, and those you react to stand a greater chance of winning! Comments don’t count as reactions but for any post that seriously stands out for you, feel free to comment on it directly. Most teams would love to know your thoughts on the views they would have expressed in their posts.

Criteria 1:

Each partner (Partner A, Partner B and Partner C) must have posted a minimum of 300 words each in their blog, on the Gaming Network.

Criteria 2:

1. Only one person (the Candidate Fellow in the group) should send through a single email to info@entrepreneurshipchallenge.co.za to claim the prizes (for themselves and their friends).

2. The other two partners must be copied in the email.

3. In this email, screenshots of all blog posts should be attached clearly showing each partner’s name, and the number of reactions/likes and interactions gained.

Criteria 3:

1. This is a networking challenge so try and get each blog post to the highest number of likes and interactions (comments do not count) on the Gaming Network.

2. The number of likes on each blog post is vital and needs to be visible in the screenshots.

3. Your combined number of likes will be your total for the prize entry.

Criteria 4:

The email must state each of the following for all members in your trio-group:

1. Full name, participant type (Fellow, Candidate Fellow, or Scholar), cell number (for all three partners), and email IDs.

2. For Scholars, their grade and school name.

Criteria 5:

1. All profiles must be public during the challenge week and the week to follow. Your grade must be visible on your profile (you can keep the rest of your information hidden) so that your networks can view and read your blog post.

2. You can change your profile back to private once winners are announced on the leaderboard.

Criteria 6:

Send in your claim to info@entrepreneurshipchallenge.co.za before 10:00am on Saturday, 16 October.

Your partners must be copied onto the email used to claim the prizes. Only a single email with all the screenshots should be used to claim. Two or more emails received is an automatic disqualifier (e.g. if Partner A emails through their screenshot whilst Partner B emails through their own screenshot in separate emails).

Prizes are limited to 3 people – 1 trio – that sends through a valid claim between the 14th and 16th October ’21.

In this exercise, strong quality writing that relays a relatable story may also gain you more likes from the online community. Don’t forget to punctuate and proofread before posting!

Duplication of members between separate groups is an automatic disqualifier for the groups involved (i.e. if a member is found to be present in more than a single group that has emerged as the winning group).

For any further queries, please contact us at info@entrepreneurshipchallenge.co.za. So, what are you waiting for! Grab one of these PlayStation 4s for yourself!

Break a leg.

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