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>Benjamin Shaw

About The Speaker

Benjamin Shaw

Benjamin Shaw is the founder of HouseME and a seasoned entrepreneur in the property technology sector. Formerly an investment banker, he now thrives as a private equity and venture capital professional at EXEO Capital. Benjamin co-authored The First Kudu and shares invaluable insights on resilience in entrepreneurship at panel discussion.

Twitter: @B_D_Shaw

Lessons in Resilience

Founder of HouseME. Co-author of The First Kudu. Former Investment Banker turned Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) professional at EXEO Capital.

Benjamin Shaw is a seasoned entrepreneur and investor with a diverse background in finance and business development. He co-founded HouseME, a prominent player in the property technology sector, revolutionizing how rental properties are managed. His expertise spans across investment banking, where he honed his financial acumen before transitioning to the dynamic world of private equity and venture capital at EXEO Capital. Benjamin is also recognized as a co-author of The First Kudu, a book that explores entrepreneurial journeys in Africa.

Catch Benjamin Shaw at the panel discussion on “Lessons in Resilience,” where he shares insights on overcoming adversity in entrepreneurship.