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>Dr Mmaki Jantjies

About The Speaker

Dr Mmaki Jantjies

Dr. Mmaki Jantjies is a visionary leader at the forefront of technological innovation and social impact in South Africa. As Group Executive of Innovation and Transformation at Telkom, she leverages her extensive experience and expertise to unlock opportunities for the nation's future.

Twitter: @MmakiJ
Championing Digital Transformation and Equity

Join Dr. Mmaki Jantjies, a visionary leader at Telkom and a renowned champion for technological innovation and social impact, for an insightful master class titled “Shaping the Future – Exploring AI and Technology Innovations.”

Leveraging Expertise for a Brighter Tomorrow

Dr. Jantjies’ distinguished career, built upon a PhD in Computer Science and leadership roles at Telkom and prestigious universities, positions her perfectly to guide you through this exploration of the future. Her passion for both technological advancement and equitable access ensures a comprehensive and thought-provoking session.

Demystifying AI and Emerging Technologies:

This master class delves into the cutting edge of AI and technological innovation. Dr. Jantjies will provide clear explanations and interactive demonstrations, empowering you to understand these powerful tools and their impact across various industries.

Shaping Your Future with Confidence:

The session doesn’t stop at explanation. Dr. Jantjies will foster discussion on the ethical considerations surrounding AI and emerging technologies. By exploring these important issues, you’ll gain the critical thinking skills necessary to navigate the future technological landscape.

Insights to Propel Your Career:

The master class concludes with a focus on how you can leverage AI and emerging technologies to drive innovation and success in your own career. Through practical examples and interactive exercises, Dr. Jantjies will equip you with the knowledge and tools to thrive in the ever-evolving world of work.