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>Jalal Ghiassi-Razavi

About The Speaker

Jalal Ghiassi-Razavi

Jalal Ghiassi-Razavi is the Programme Director at the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, responsible for Entrepreneurship Education. He holds a BSc in Mechatronics, a PGDMP (cum laude), and an MBA (cum laude). With experience in startup development and the non-profit sector, Jalal also serves as chairman of Wordworks, focusing on early childhood literacy. He is a passionate entrepreneur, investor, and venture builder.

Panellist: Lessons in Resilience

Jalal Ghiassi-Razavi is a seasoned Programme Director at the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, where he oversees Entrepreneurship Education across all the Foundation’s programmes. With a robust educational background, Jalal holds a BSc in Mechatronics, a Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice (PGDMP) with cum laude honors, and an MBA also achieved with cum laude honors.

Jalal’s diverse professional experience spans startup development, professional services, and the non-profit sector. His multifaceted career reflects a deep commitment to fostering entrepreneurial growth and innovation. As an entrepreneur and investor, Jalal actively engages in venture building, guiding new businesses toward sustainable success.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Jalal is dedicated to the development sector. He serves as a non-executive director and chairman of Wordworks, an organisation devoted to early childhood literacy development. His leadership in this role underscores his passion for education and community empowerment.

Jalal’s contributions to entrepreneurship and education are further enriched by his involvement in various initiatives aimed at overcoming adversity in the business world. He is a sought-after speaker and panelist, sharing his insights on resilience and the entrepreneurial journey.

Join Jalal Ghiassi-Razavi at the panel discussion on “Lessons in Resilience,” where he will delve into strategies for overcoming challenges in entrepreneurship.