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>Mitchan Adams

About The Speaker

Mitchan Adams

Mitchan Adams is a partner at Conducive Capital and Aions Ventures, known for his expertise in tech and finance. Co-founder of Imvelo Ventures, he is dedicated to supporting startups in Africa with strategic guidance and resources, focusing on fintech and venture capital. Mitchan holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Cape Town and is a prominent speaker on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Twitter: @mitchanadams

Panellist: What Investors Look For

Mitchan Adams is a distinguished partner at Conducive Capital and Aions Ventures, where he leverages his expertise in the tech and finance sectors to drive innovation and growth. Alongside his role, Mitchan co-founded Imvelo Ventures, a pivotal player in reshaping the financial services landscape through pioneering solutions.

Mitchan’s career is marked by a profound commitment to nurturing startups, offering strategic guidance honed through years of investment management experience. His keen eye for identifying promising tech ventures and his proactive support in providing them with resources have catalyzed numerous success stories within the African entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Educated at the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Mitchan Adams is not only a seasoned investor but also a respected thought leader and speaker. His engagements often focus on fintech advancements, venture capital strategies, and the essential traits investors seek in burgeoning enterprises.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Mitchan is deeply invested in fostering economic growth and technological innovation across Africa. His mentorship roles and advocacy for the next generation of tech leaders underscore his dedication to shaping a vibrant and sustainable future for the continent.