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>Mogen Naidoo

About The Speaker

Mogen Naidoo

Mogen Naidoo is not just an entrepreneur, he's a bridge builder. He helps businesses in Africa and beyond navigate the gap between ideas and success. Leveraging his expertise in cutting-edge technologies and a passion for scaling, he empowers companies to thrive in the digital age.

Twitter: @MogenNaidoo
Architect of Business Growth

Mogen Naidoo is not just an entrepreneur; he is a growth architect. He helps businesses across Africa and beyond not just survive, but thrive in today’s dynamic landscape.

Fuelled by a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies like Cloud and AI, Mogen bridges the gap between innovative ideas and real-world impact. His passion lies in empowering businesses to not just survive, but thrive in the dynamic digital age.

Mogen’s expertise extends beyond building. He’s a seasoned guide, sharing his knowledge and experience with aspiring entrepreneurs. His upcoming masterclass, “I Have an Idea, Now What?” tackles the crucial first steps of the entrepreneurial journey. This interactive session is designed to demystify the process of turning an idea into a tangible business. Participants will gain valuable insights on idea validation, crafting a solid business plan, and overcoming the initial challenges often faced by startups.

This masterclass is not just about theory; it’s a hands-on experience where participants can develop and refine their business models in a supportive environment. Mogen will be there to guide them through the process, culminating in a workshop where they can pitch their ideas and receive valuable feedback.

Mogen Naidoo’s masterclass offers a roadmap for success!