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>Selebogo Dr LifesGud Molefe

About The Speaker

Selebogo Dr LifesGud Molefe

Selebogo Dr LifesGud Molefe is the Managing Director of The Biz Plug, passionately empowering Indigenous communities across Africa through entrepreneurship, mentorship, and investment. Recognized for his advocacy of community-centric economic change, Selebogo is a respected leader and mentor, shaping the future of sustainable development on the continent.

Twitter: @DrLifesgud

Master Class: Seizing Tomorrow – Uncovering Opportunities in Africa

Entrepreneur, mentor, and investor, Selebogo Dr LifesGud Molefe is dedicated to leveraging community and capital as catalysts for positive economic transformation among Indigenous communities across Africa. As the Managing Director of The Biz Plug, Selebogo spearheads initiatives that empower local entrepreneurs and drive sustainable development.

Under Selebogo’s leadership, The Biz Plug has become a pivotal platform for nurturing emerging businesses and fostering economic resilience. His visionary approach focuses on uncovering untapped opportunities and promoting inclusive growth strategies that benefit marginalized communities.

Passionate about education and empowerment, Selebogo Molefe actively mentors aspiring entrepreneurs, advocating for innovation and resilience in the face of economic challenges. His insights and initiatives have earned him recognition as a thought leader shaping the future of entrepreneurship in Africa.

Catch Selebogo Dr LifesGud Molefe at his master class, “Seizing Tomorrow – Uncovering Opportunities in Africa,” where he shares actionable strategies for harnessing Africa’s potential and driving sustainable development.